“Why Do You Even Stay?”

Because i see the good in you despite the bad things they said about you behind your back.

Because i see the little child in you, the innocent kind. The kind that needs to be taken care of.

Because i like you even when you don’t have a well-aligned teeth like mine.

Because i believe in what you said.

Because i have faith that things will change. That you will change. Things will get better between us.


Because, all in all, i still think that i love you. Despite all the wrongdoings, despite all the words that you said. Despite you hurting my feelings again and again.

I still love you for who you are.

But, you know what? I don’t even think you appreciate that. Because that’s just who you are. That’s just how you live your life.

I hope karma treats you well as well as i treat you.


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