i don’t know what lies ahead of me. I’m quite scared of the future. Days like this i feel like talking to God directly. Like i really really don’t want to commit another mistake. I don’t want to take the wrong step. I really want to live according to Your will. Please, God. You know very well that i  abhor ambiguities. Guide me as to where am i supposed to go. Now, i just  feel so helpless. Guess that, i’ve reached the point where i can no longer run away from making decisions for myself. AH so stressed.

I wish i never grow up. Growing up sucksssssssssssssssssssss

Alas, i’m getting old day by day. I may start the anti-ageing facial treatment soon. lol. Maybe inject some botox to get rid of my forehead wrinkle lel.

Okay, okay.


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