To my parents

In case i never get the courage to express my gratitude and love for you guys directly in person, you can read the following paragraphs.

I’m thankful for having parents like you guys. Although, you guys may not be the perfect parents and there are times where i question your maturity. But i still love you for who you are, For your unending love, patience (in dealing with a brat like me) and money for the big spender a.k.a me. I’m sorry that i can’t really express my love for you guys-okay,blame the Asian culture for not letting me be expressive. Haha.

Dad, i love you. Thank you for being such a responsible breadwinner. Although, you’re far from being a perfect dad and that you’re pretty much absent in my life, i still love you anyway. If you feel guilty, know that i forgive you and that the only way for you to be a better dad is by showing us more love. Leave ¬†other unnecessary things behind,kay? i believe family is on top of your priorities, right? Dad, if we have enough time can we go on a holiday together? i’d like to go on a holiday with you. Please eat healthily and stop smoking, okay? i’d like you to see me succeed in life, to witness that i grow into a better person and know that the money you invested on me didn’t go to waste. It never had. And know that, i love you just as much as i love mom.

Mom, i love you too. Please spend more time in pampering yourself. You’ve worked hard. I appreciate your every effort to give the best for the family but know that it’s impossible for you to handle all things alone. You obviously need a helping hand, please don’t decline the help people give to you. Please spend more money on buying things that you like. You have every right in this world to enjoy your life, go out and have fun. Don’t care about what people said. They don’t know about us, your life, they have no rights to judge you. Please be more patient in dealing with daily problems. Don’t be too quick to judge. Lastly, i’m sorry that i may have been rude to you. I’m very very sorry.

To the both of you, i’ll strive to make you guys feel proud of me. I’m glad that none of my suicidal fantasies become reality, i still have the chance to make you guys feel happy. I’ll succeed, mom,dad, i will.


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