I’m back with a relatively stable internet connection #yayy. Haha. It’s 2015 now. Wow, i”m gonna turn 19 soon. Like I’m such a big girl now. Firstly, i’d like to thank God cause He still allows me to live up to this very second. Secondly, i also want to thank my parents for standing by my side for all these 18 years 11 months of my life. I know that sometimes as a child i’m kinda annoying and may seem to be ungrateful towards you guys. But, know that i’m grateful for you guys. Very very grateful. Thirdly, i wanna thank my friends who have also stood by my side for all this while. You guys rock! \m/

Although i may not be good in trying to show my affection to my friends, Know that i deeply care for you guys. I love you to bits. For some of them, i may not see them again. Partly because i may not live in the same city as them anymore. But, that’s okay. It’s been nice knowing you guys. Each and every one of you teach me various lessons in life. You make me grow into a better, stronger individual. Thank you, guys. I hope that one day life brings us together again, we cross our paths again and together we can be reminded of our glorious youth. I hope you don’t forget me though. And still invite me to your wedding cause i’d like to witness you be deliriously happy and perhaps be the aunt to your kids. OH MY GOD, I’ll be so old by then. Ew ew ew. Nights like this got me reflect so hard sigh.

okay, enough on my gratitude notes. Till then.


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