“Why Do You Even Stay?”

Because i see the good in you despite the bad things they said about you behind your back. Because i see the little child in you, the innocent kind. The kind that needs to be taken care of. Because i like you even when you don’t have a well-aligned teeth like mine. Because i believe […]

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i don’t know what lies ahead of me. I’m quite scared of the future. Days like this i feel like talking to God directly. Like i really really don’t want to commit another mistake. I don’t want to take the wrong step. I really want to live according to Your will. Please, God. You know […]

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To my parents

In case i never get the courage to express my gratitude and love for you guys directly in person, you can read the following paragraphs. I’m thankful for having parents like you guys. Although, you guys may not be the perfect parents and there are times where i question your maturity. But i still love […]

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I’m back with a relatively stable internet connection #yayy. Haha. It’s 2015 now. Wow, i”m gonna turn 19 soon. Like I’m such a big girl now. Firstly, i’d like to thank God cause He still allows me to live up to this very second. Secondly, i also want to thank my parents for standing by […]

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